What are the Best Surfing Films?

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When observing the exciting culture that the world of surfing carries with it, it is important to not only commemorate the surfers involved, but the artists as well. By observing the multitudes of films celebrating the sport, we at Disrupt feel as if we’ve found the best surfing films ever made.


The Endless Summer (1966)


Bruce Browns classic documentary following two young and ambitious surfers is considered one of the best surfing films crafted on account of its shameless celebration of surfing. The films devotion to the sport is more than apparent as ‘The Endless Summer’ chooses to value cinematography and tone above traditional storylines eventuating from that era. By subverting the negative stereotypes associated with surfers from the era, surfers were given a chance of glory with this timeless classic. As the film follows the two surfers traversing the globe and engaging with a sport that they love, the film is bound to charm anyone and everyone.


Big Wednesday (1978)


Big Wednesday has since become a cut classic amongst film and surf fans everywhere. Heralded, as one of the best surf films made, ‘Big Wednesday’ is a classic that’s specialty lies in its intelligence, humour and charm. Then films ability to accurately convey an era of a world where surfing was king, this film is considered to be a film, which really hits home for surfers of the time. By incorporating historic themes, such as the Vietnam War, this film really cements itself as a timeless coming of age story. With many of the actors actually surfing within this film, it is little wonder why ‘Big Wednesday’ is often considered one of the surfing communities greatest films.


Point Break (1991) 

‘Point Break’ is a timeless cult classic that has earned its place upon this list due to its dynamic story, great acting and riveting camera work. ‘Point Break’ is a surfing film that stands as one of the best films of the genre as its over the top action and on-point acting is enough to entice surfers and non-surfers alike to embrace this movie, and thus embrace the sport that this thriller is based off. Often cited as one of Keanu Reeves greatest roles, one of the greatest aspects of this film is that it celebrates the sport and embraces it in a way that makes surfing appealing to everyone. When the incredible camerawork is combined with this gripping tale, it is little wonder that this film is considered one of the best surfing films ever made.


The September Sessions (2002)


‘The September Sessions is one of the great modern films illustrating a passionate love for surf as this film, though only approximately half an hour, is considered a beloved film due to its portrayal of pure passion as Jack Johnson captures some of the best surfers whilst in their element. When accompanied with an incredible soundtrack, ‘The September Sessions’ easily earns its status as a classic.


View From a Blue Moon (2015)

View from a Blue Moon is considered one of the best surfing films ever made, as it was one of the first surfing films to be shot in 4k. This high definition tribute to the sport of surfing is one that appeals to surfers and non-surfers alike as it’s captivating portrayal of the ocean allows for everyone to adore mother natures glowing beauty. ‘View from a Blue Moon’ centres on surfer John Florence and his close friends as they venture across the globe and attempt to redefine surfing’s possibilities and limitations. The latest effort by director Blake Kueny is a breath-taking effort that illustrates just how relevant surfing is in the modern era, whilst showcasing the potency it has upon devoted surfer’s everywhere.


When looking at all these great movies, which testify to the sport, it is clear to see that these films all share on great aspect. All of these films evoke a love for surfing amongst anyone who watches, so get out there and get inspired!


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