Tim Duncan Announces Retirement

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Tim Duncan jersey retirement ceremony.

Tim Duncan retires after nineteen seasons in the NBA.

Awards and Achievements

San Antonio Spurs power forward Tim Duncan has announced his retirement after playing 19 seasons in the NBA. The 40-year old was drafted first overall by the Spurs during the 1997 NBA Draft. He spent all 19 years of his playing career in San Antonio where he won Rookie of the Year (1998), five NBA Championships, three Finals MVP Awards (1999, 2003, 2005) and two NBA MVP Awards (2002, 2003).

Tim Duncan is a 15 time NBA All-Star, a fifteen-time All-NBA Member (Ten First Team selections, three Second Team, two Third Team selections), and a fifteen-time NBA All-Defensive Team Member (Eight First Team selections and seven Second Team selections). He retires as the all-time leading scorer for the Spurs franchise.

Aspirations Shifted By A Force of Nature

Born and raised in Saint Croix of the United States Virgin Islands, Tim Duncan dreamt of becoming an Olympic-level swimmer until Hurricane Hugo destroyed the town’s only Olympic sized swimming pool. Fearful of swimming in the ocean because of sharks, his above-average height made it a natural progression for Tim Duncan to switch to basketball.

He played high school basketball for St. Dunstan’s Episcopal High School. Despite being awkward and uncoordinated in his early basketball years, Tim Duncan developed into a top college prospect after averaging 25.0 points per game in his senior year. Duncan turned down several early scholarship offers, finally choosing Wake Forest University. Despite being one of the country’s top basketball prospects, Tim Duncan decided to finish his college education before declaring for the NBA Draft to fulfill a promise he made to his dying mother.

Greatness in Three Decades

Tim Duncan, David Robinson

The Spurs’ “Twin Towers” Tim Duncan and David Robinson

The San Antonio Spurs won the number one pick in the 1997 NBA Draft Lottery after a 20-62 record, due to injuries that kept star player David Robinson out for 72 games during the 1996-97 season. The Spurs then drafted Duncan. With Robinson making his return, the Spurs became instant NBA Title contenders under the “Twin Towers” era. The team won the NBA championship twice with Duncan and Robinson; doing so in 1999, the second year of Tim Duncan’s career and in 2003, the last year of David Robinson’s career.

Shifting Tides and Setting Standards for Greatness

After David Robinson’s retirement in 2003, the Spurs started a new era with the triumvirate of Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. The trio won three titles together. Duncan won his final championship in 2014 in a rematch with the LeBron James- Dwayne Wade – Chris Bosh led Miami Heat. This title perhaps symbolizes what Tim Duncan’s career has been all about. His Spurs quietly went about their business, avenging a heartbreaking loss a year before. This achievement is juxtaposed with a heavily favored Heat team heavily favored to take their third straight NBA Title.

Tim Duncan is to the NBA is an institution of its own. He and the Spurs have influenced countless coaches, front offices and other players in the league. Teams have emulated their practices from building rosters, drafting players and employing fitness regimes built by Tim Duncan and the Spurs.















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Tim Duncan Announces Retirement After 19 Seasons
The San Antonio Spurs' Tim Duncan retires after playing 19 seasons in the NBA.

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