Galleries: Lux

  • Black Marble Yoga Mat


    Whether you’re a dreamer or a fashionista, we empower every yogi to explore their creative being by creating their own original yoga mat.  So let our yoga mats do the talking, giving you the ultimate control of your own mind, body and soul.

  • Marble Deck



    If you’re in the midst of practising a few airs and trying to land it, our trickboard is perfect for you. Our classic trick board is made with 7 ply Canadian Maple which is durable and can withstand strong impacts.

  • Marble NoseRider


    Disrupt’s classic Noserider, single concave in the nose, flat to center to a large lift out the back, 50/50 to 60/40 rails, a perfect classic take. The Noserider is perfect for small-mid size waves in clean conditions.

  • Marble The Hidden


    Designed as an all round performer, The Hidden is speedy whilst stable, picking up small waves and holding on the bigger stuff. The tight pinched rails keep you stuck on the wave while the single to double concave pushes a lot of the water through the underside to get you moving.

  • Marble The Madam


    Designed to provide solid paddle power, the Madam is built for control and forgiveness. It’s the perfect hybrid between a fun board and performance shortboard that is built for almost any condition.

  • Marble Cloud


    Designed as a hybrid surfboard, The Cloud is a shortboard that is perfect for junk sessions. The Cloud has a bit of extra foam made for easier paddling and a pulled-in booty that lets you turn like a performance shortboard.