Packaging & Shipping

All of Disrupt’s surfboards, yoga mats and skateboards now have FREE shipping! 

Want to know how we protect your board from start to finish? 

We wrap your custom board with 3 layers of protection before putting on an extra layer soft foam inserts to protect the rails. 

Then a layer of corrugated cardboard goes over the side, with the nose and tail protected with a combination of styrofoam and cardboard. 

Finally it is all nicely packaged in a large cardboard box that offers even more protection to ensure your board will arrive with no dings, no worries! 

Check out our Packaging and Delivery video below. 

In this video, we show you how we make sure the board you receive is the exact same board you ordered. We go over the specification sheet and 3D render to ensure all the graphics, sizing, fin system, concave and nose/tail are all correct before we deliver your very own custom board to your door. 

Check out our Quality Control video below. 

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