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How Long Is It Going To Take Me To Ride My First Wave?

How Long Will It Take Me To Ride My First Wave? Typically for any beginner, we would suggest taking a few lessons to begin with just so you can get the hang of the motions, as well as being able to ask as many questions to your expert teacher. After a few lessons, it is up to the individual and how often they are willing to spend in the water practising. Some people pick up how to catch a wave quickly, while others, it takes longer to learn how to balance and get used to the movements. The more hours...

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How Long Does It Take To Surf?

Authored By DisruptSports

How long does it take to surf? Well your first time out on the water it's important to have realistic goals and realise it's gonna take more than a month to be surfing like Kelly Slater. By taking surf lessons, it should take you about three surf lessons to start standing up. If you decide not to take lessons and are learning without an expert teacher, this may take a bit longer because you will be learning through trial and error We definitely recommend taking lessons The more time in the water the better you will get and the quicker...

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