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Proper Surfboard Fin Setup Explained

This post will help you with what the proper surfboard fin setup is and help in determining what the is best fin is for you.     Single Fin Retro Fin set up for short boards and is rarely seen in thema nymore although common for long boards Very little drag Requires smooth down the line surfing Does not work well with abrupt movements Twin Fin Twin fin offers stability and maneuverability as well as being faster than a thruster set up as it has no dragging fin. Normally found on traditional fishes or modern short boards Good for conditions from 1-4ft with skilled surfers able to utilize in bigger swells Works well in choppy conditions Once the size of the waves go 5...

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Ideal Fin Size

What is the Ideal Fin Size? The fins on the surfboard have a big impact on a number of things, including the manoeuvrability and stability of the surfboard. This article will briefly go over basic information regarding the size and weight of FCS and Future fins.   FCS Fins SMALL (S) = 55-70 KGEXTRA SMALL (XS) = Under 55 KG MEDIUM (M) = 65-80 KG LARGE (L) = 75-90 KG EXTRA LARGE (XL) = Over 85 KG             FUTURE Fins EXTRA SMALL (XS) = 34-53 KG SMALL (S) = 48-70 KG MEDIUM (M) = 65-88 KG LARGE (L) = Over 80 KG      ...

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